About Nutrition CEO Council
A wave of hunger and malnutrition, spurred by COVID-19, threatens children and families around the world. Despite being entirely preventable, malnutrition takes a child’s life every 11 seconds.

The Nutrition CEO Council is a body of leaders from International non-governmental organizations (INGO) that believes:
The global nutrition situation is dire;
Expertise exists, and has been tested, that could address global malnutrition; and
It is right and appropriate to take action to encourage and support the U.S. government, civil society, corporations, and other stakeholders to make that expertise into law and policy

The Council’s focus is global nutrition and its objectives in 2022 include:

  • To inspire increased support for nutrition from U.S. political leadership through high-level engagement; and
  • To advance civil society advocacy, commitment, and support for nutrition as a foundational part of all development success.
About Nutrition CEO Council

Advocacy and Policy Priorities 2022

Recent Activity

The Nutrition CEO Leadership Council calls on Congress to pass the Global Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Act, including letters to the House, the Senate, the Administration. (December 2021)
The Council ran an ad in Politico urging President Biden to pledge $1 billion a year for three years at the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit. (December 2021)
Members of the Council met virtually with USAID Administrator Samantha Power to discuss collaborative efforts to advance shared nutrition goals. (September 2021)


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